Beauty Is Skin Deep

Da'Nelle Beauty LLC was created in 2022 in Toledo, Ohio with a goal to hand craft luxurious products with high quality ingredients that were healthy for the skin and affordable. The name Da'Nelle was the middle name of my daughter who passed over 15 years ago, so any product that bears her name will be made with love by me especially for you. All of my products are made from scratch. I offer color free and fragrance-free options as well as lightly fragranced, color free options. The star of most of my products, if not all is unrefined shea butter which means you are getting skin benefits every time you use any of my products. My soaps are all made from scratch and do not contain a melt and pour base. I hand craft products for women and men who care about their skin and what they put on it. I believe that skin care is essential to the way we look and feel. Consider purchasing from Da'Nelle Beauty today!

  • Customer Review of Oat Milk Soap

    I love your Oat Milk Soap, it lathers so good I shave with it and it leaves my face so smooth. It's the best shave I've ever had.

    Robert N

  • Customer Review of Sugar Scrub

    My skin feels so soft and hydrated after using your sugar scrub and it rinses clean.

  • Customer Review of All Natural Loofa

    This loofah feels like I have not been clean all my life, my skin feels totally different after one use!

    Jaz D